Geek Golf Sandra Carlborg LTD No Brainer

Sandra Carlborg of Sweden in going on 4 years of competing in Professional Long Driving has never lost in a RE/MAX World Finals!  She won in 2011 and 2012 and is competing in 2013 RE/MAX for the 3hreepeat…which has never been accomplished in Ladies Long Driving.  Sandra uses Geek Golf Clubs exclusively as she feels “they are the best clubs on the market in both ‘feel’ and distance off the tee”!  Sandra currently uses the No Brainer in 7.5* and 9*.  Sandra also set the RE/MAX World Finals record last year with last ball blast of 339 yards!  Sandra hit all final 6 balls in the grid and her worst ball using the Geek No Brainer at 321 yards would have WON the RE/MAX Title!  Sandra also set the World’s Ladies Long Drive distance record at 392 meters!  Using a Geek Driver, of course!

To honor Sandra ‘The Great’ Carlborg we are introducing The Sandra Carlborg Pink No Brainer LTD Edition so the Ladies that play the game can experience what Sandra experiences with Geek in both playability, feel and incredible new found length off the tee!

Right Hand Only 7.5, 9, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts. .335 Hosel.

Pre Book Now!!! Due end of August 2013


Volume:  460cc
F/A:     +1/-1 (Mostly +1/2 -1/2)
Lie Angle  59* +1/-1 (Mostly +1/2 -1/2)
Face Height:    59mm
Lofts:  6*, 7.5*, 9*, 10.5*, 12*  +1-1
(Mostly in half degree increments)
Weight…199 +2-2
Material: Face Beta Titanium
Body 90% 6AL/4V